About Us

Ocaktan brothers found A&Y Panel Çit production facility in Kayseri, Turkey in 2018 as a result of the high market need in Turkey. The products are manufactured with fully automated systems in A&Y Panel Çit which uses the state-of-art technology and coating equipment imported from European countries. In coating process, the products are coated with nano ceramic coating which increases the quality and extends the product life up to 3 times longer.

A&Y Panel Çit production facility located in Mimarsinan Industrial Zone, in Kayseri manufactures in the 8100 m² factory facility on a 13000 m² area. The company produces a wide range of high quality products including panel fence, mest fence, gabion basket and fence gate.

A&Y Zauntechnik GmbH in Germany enables a central distribution of A&Y Panel Çit products. The high quality products can be distributed to consumer and also to major buyer in Europe.

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